Brockham Youth Council Committee

Chair - Glenn Knight

Secretary - Clare Ritchie

Treasurer - Celia Plumb

Anyone aged 11-18yrs can come along to take part in our committee meetings or activities. There are normally 12-18 people at the meetings.

Committee meetings take place once a quarter and the dates and papers for the meetings are available on the website. At the meetings we talk about ideas for projects and how we can fundraise. This is the current list of ideas suggested by young people:


         Youth club/cafe

         Youth night at the Village Club

         Youth night at the Strood Green shop cafe


        Learn bushcraft/survival skills


        Rock climbing

        Mountain boarding


        Graffiti art

        Graffiti wall


        Mountain biking









        Learn the guitar

        Play music

        Band nights


        Art club/competition

        Trip to Camden

        Trip to Brighton

        Wood carving

If you have any ideas that you would like to add to the list get in contact.

The next meeting is in Sept 2014 - details to be confirmed 

Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along.

The agenda for the last meeting can be downloaded here:          Agenda - Feb 13.docx

The notes from the last meeting can be viewed here:                 Minutes 13.02.13.doc



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