Skate Brockham

This was our first project chosen by young people who wanted to have access to skate facilities. The project was completed in March 2012.

With funding from the Poland Trust, the Bonfire Committee and the National Lottery Awards for All programme, the Skate Brockham project  arranged a year long programme of monthly skate days . During the spring and summer months a mobile skatepark visited the village and set up in the playground at North Downs Primary School.

In the autumn and winter months we had monthly trips to an indoor skate facility at Skaterham in Caterham, with transport there and back provided. 
This has been a hugely popular project with 84 young people coming regularly to skate, scoot or BMX since March 2011 demonstrating extremely well the demand for these facilities in the village. In the long-term we are looking at possible solutions to provide a permanent skate facility in the village. We are working with the Parish, District and County Councils to look at site and funding possibilities.


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